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Re: UFO Brake Conversion Kit for V8Q

I recently sent my hub/wheel assembly out to a company called Cooltec. 
They specialize in big brake conversions for all cars, though they mostly 
deal with the higher end stuff like Porsche racing brakes and such. 

For an estimated $1300, this co. will CNC machine custom brackets to 
mount some good sized Brembo four pot calipers. They will mount over some 
12" x 1.25" rotors with custom machined T-6 aluminum hats (12" is all 
that will fit under my 16x7.5" wheels, 17" wheels will fit 13"!). The 
calipers are available in black, red (c'mon, you'all know you been 
lusting after those huge red Porsche brakes ever since the RS2 wagon 
appeared), and yellow.

I don't know what others have seen for prices on brake kits, but this one 
for my Corrado VR6 costs about $1k less than cheapest kit I've found. It 
uses the same or better parts too (thicker rotors, Brembo calipers)

The turn around time is about 1.5 to 2 weeks, though if they have the 
time, I'm sure they could do it more quikly. The more kits that you have 
made, the less expensive it is for all, as the set-up for machining the 
hats/caliper mounting brackets only has to be performed once. 

If anyone wants Cooltec's #, just ask. The guys who run the place are 
extremely helpful and knoledgable over the phone...