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Hello all,
I have been fixing up my old 5000S which is my first Audi 
to drive legally. I know this probably sounds dumb to the most of 
you or will for that fact, but my plans for this car are as follows.
Dropping it 1-1 1/2 inches. Performance springs, Wider tires, low profile.
And later on, a turbo charged engine. I know, you all are quattro fanatics.
But is it possible to implement this into a fwd 5-spd Audi w/o major problems?
Ok, now that you think I am stupid and am wasting my money. I am in love
with this car. I am going to get it re-painted midnight metallic blue. 
And already have a very nice stereo. :)
But, what would be the best springs to get or best source for lowering 
springs/struts. BTW, I am aware that I will need to change the struts If I
change the springs, What about the alignment???
I appreciate any pointers.

Rich Andrews