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Radio reception in A4 fixed!

There's been many groans about radio reception in A4 in past postings.

I merely accepted that my lousy reception was in the "they're all like
that" category for over a year!! Put it down to the rear window aerial
being NBG.

I recently got it looked at by car audio guy who knows his stuff & he
just laughed & said "b****y idiot who fitted radio didn't have a clue -
the power lead to the antenna wasn't connected!". Apparently the window
aerial is a powered unit and is fitted in the factory. He wired it up
and ........WHAMMO - crystal clear reception. AND he didn't charge me.

He's got all my radio/phone business now, and all my friends too(their
business I mean :-)  )
Greg Spark
Hamilton, New Zealand
'96 A4 1.8Tq