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Re: Radio reception on '92 100S

Hi Craig,

> I installed an AM/FM CD unit installed in my '92 100S. My reception is O.K.
> most of the time, but it fades in and out quite a bit also. My car has the
> in-windshield antenna and also an antenna in the back window. There are 2
> antenna leads for the factory stereo. I have used a Y connector to splice the
> two together into the single antenna jack on my Sony CD player. Is one for AM
> and one for FM? Any way to boost the signal (i.e. signal boosters that places
> like Crutchfield sells)? Thanks for any ideas.

  FM comes in through the windshield antenna only, and is already 
amplified (the amplifier is located on the passenger side near/under the
dash.)  The windshield antenna and the rear defroster together make up the
AM antenna.

  I've also found the reception to be pitiful.  Small (and I mean SMALL)
hills cause problems.  The Sony MiniDisc unit I have does a better job 
than the factory unit, but there's only so much a tuner can do with a
crummy antenna.

  Anyone know the gain on the Audi antenna amplifier?  Crutchfield's is 15
dB, if memory serves.

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