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engine rattle

In message <199707011028.UAA00182@morden.netpci.com> "Mark&Michelle Sousa" writes:

> I've been checking out my rattle noise, It is extremely loud at
> times, then its gone, when driving around and I come to a stop, and
> then accellerate it will rattle then stop. It never did this before,
> any ideas?

Only the vacuum pump or some _very_ unusual lifter wear.

> I took of my valve cover and checked to make sure nothing was loose,
> could this be attributed to my collapsed crank case hose, I'm still
> waiting for the part to come in. I also attempted to quickfix the
> hole by duct taping the hose, it held out for a day, now its flat as
> a pancake.

Shouldn't cause a rattle.

> The sound appears to come from around the center of the engine
> block. All and all the noise is pretty consistant even after high
> revs and running all day, it will go away the come back for a few
> seconds then gone again.

I wish I could actually hear it.  How long since you changed the oil,
and is the level still right?

Maybe someone else has some ideas.

 Phil Payne
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