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Audi 200T outside temp sensor, rear fog lights short

My '90 Audi 200 T has two peculiar problems.  First, the outside
temperature through the climate control system always reads more than
125F.  Since I live in Upstate NY, it doesn't take an Einstein to know
this is wrong.  Where is the sensor located, and does anyone know how
much they run or how hard they are to replace.

Also, the switch to my rear fogs does not work.  The rear fogs are
always on when I have either the parking or regular head lights on. 
They're only supposed to work with headlights on.  More peculiar is
the fact that the fuse which controls the rear fogs is blown.  Put a
fuse in, and it blows immediately.  Short  somewhere I know, but who
knows where.  Any thoughts or ideas?

-John Z.
'90 200 (88K)
'87 4000S (170K+)
'86 5000S (165K)