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Re: Coupe Turbo

> >    Just wanted to let everyone know that I have installed a 1982 5kt 
> >motor into my 1982 Coupe with the old style f.i. and Ox sensor (my 
> >car never came with one becouse it's Canadian model).
> >    It took me the whole weekend but the result is unreal.  I also 
> >managed to squish the 88 5kt intercooler into the front grille 
> >without loosing my high beams.  Although I might get rid of them 
> >later on in favour of the Rally TQC style grille.
> >
> >After sorting out all the vacuum leaks and setting both the mixture 
> >and timing the car is running perfect.  The power is intoxicating.
> >There is only couple of problems.
> >My gas milege is down the toilet.  That could be explained by the 
> >boost gauge which is usually kept up by me.
> >The other problem arose last night.  While in process of top speed 
> >test I got to about 190 km/h (118 m/h) and the tach hit almost 4500 
> >rpm the clutch started slipping.  All I saw was the rpm shooting to 
> >the redline with the speedo at a stand still.
> >I used a 4kq clutch wich I know is too small (240 clutch is on order) 
> >But don't clutches usually slip at lower speeds and high torque 
> >situations.
> Turbo sounds cool in the Coupe. Could you let us know what were some of the
> problems you ran into during the install or was it pretty
> straightforward...How much did you pick up that '82 turbo motor for? 

The install was pretty much straight.  I was very surprized that the 
5kt downpipe fit the coupe.  I had to tap the floor in just a bit but 
other than that it was a perfect fit.  The other thing was that the 
automatic tranny cars have a different bushing in the crankshaft for 
the tranny imput shaft.  That cought me off guard.
I purchased the car a couple of years ago for $150.00 and apparantly 
it had only 80,000 km on it.  The body on the car was rotten though 
and a new turbo was installed becouse the car sat around for a long 
time in someones field.
The engine is running very strong and there is no traces of smoke.
I even manage to get 300 miles out of the tank after a proper set up 
has been performed.
The other problem was the tie rod assembly.  Mike Hopton has given me 
his old TQC tie rod assembly which I modified so I could fit a 
regular Coupe tie ro end and in the future change them without 
getting rid of the whole rod.  The one I got had the end crimped on.
I had to cut the old end off and weld a stud with matching thread for 
the new tie rod end.  It fits perfect.
Also the intercooler forced me to cut some of the front up.
I am still not sure if I'll try to duplicate the rally TQC grill.

Martin Pajak

1982 Coupe TURBO (451,000 km)
1984 4000s quattro (320,000 km under the wrench)
1970 Porsche 911E Targa (also under the wrench)

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