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I pick up the 90CSQ tonight!

I pick up my '94 90CS Quattro tonight!

I want to thank the various Q-listers who answered my questions and
provided me with great information over the last couple weeks -- it was
really helpful and appreciated. This list is a phenominal resource!

A question. For the last 10 years, I've been putting "high" octane (92 or
93) gas into my VW's. I know (or, believe, if you prefer) that different
cars run better with different octane gases. For example, my mother's Camry
V6 runs best with Mobil 94 (expensive!) but my dad swears by Sunoco Ultra
94 for his BMW 528i. In my last VW I swore by Sunoco Super Unleaded
(92ish). My intention is to continue to use Sunoco Super Unleaded and see
how that works.

What octane levels do you find produce the best performance and fuel
economy for your Audi's, especially those with the V6 like my 90?

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