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RE: ouch!!!!!!

Sorry to hear of your bang. Sore back and neck are sometimes
indicatitive of bigger problems. Get yourself checked out medically.

Here's a hint from someone who just suffered rental cars (paid by the
other guy's insurance, sounds like you, too) for 83 days. Find a
collision shop that not only understands Audis, but understands quattro,
understands unit body with subframes, understands alignment of
suspension _and_ subframe. GET REFERENCES of similar quattros
SUCCESSFULLY fixed.. Don't get hosed by well meaning quattro ROOKIES.
HTH, and good luck.

-Ian Duff.
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	doggone yesterday was the day before canada day and my wife and
i were off
	to visit friends for supper in kelowna. we made it through the
radar traps
	ok but in the city, as i slowed for traffic WHAMMO**#@@@% we
were rear ended
	by a hyundai excel.