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Paul's Cautionary Tale

Excerpt from  Paul "Havin' A Great Day" Royal's lament:

>What I did was stupid...I could have been maced, run over, or shot...I
>stopped this getting out of the car practice quite awhile ago.  Perhaps
>the fact that I had just left a family member in grave condition in the
>hospital had something to do with this "out of character" move...so
>spare me the lecture (I know it was stupid).

Paul, you know where you went wrong.  So don't be too hard on
yourself.  We all "lose it" occasionally despite our best efforts.  No one
was hurt, and what damage there was can be repaired. 

Your story serves to remind us of the wisdom of Huw Powell's excellent
advice a couple of weeks ago.  Let's all try to remain mellow out there
on the highway this 4th of July weekend and beyond.

'85 4KSQ
'89 F250 4x4
'95 Z28