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Re: Ur-q "no start" questions

Thompson Smith wrote:
> ...(Steve Early)...1983 Urq...Turns over fine, but no spark. 
> Here's what he has tried-
> 	1. Swaped ECU, no change.
> 	2. New hall sensor, nothing.
> 	3. Checked timing, nothing either.
> 	4. Checked ignition switch, nadda.
> 	5. Coil, same thing nadda

I told Steve last week that when the infamous rabbit/urq
fuse panel goes bad, all sorts of funny electricals happen.
I know, I've replaced two in a year, and my mechanic
Tim from Eurosport Motorcars has replaced MANY.

171 941 821C    Fuse Panel      $126.00

Remember to look carefully at the old one next to the
new one, looking especially for a pin that was manually
cut at the factory before the panel was installed.