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IMPORTANT! Want an Audi banner?

As I mentioned in a previous email, I might be able to get some
large Audi/quattro/4rings banners made up, about 3'x5', in three 
colors for about $20 each.  But, the price will depend on volume.
Of 1200 listmembers, only 44 of you have replied, actually, that's
counting those of you who wanted more than one.

So, send me email if you think you might want one!

| Dan |
Dan Simoes                                dans@ans.net
ANS Communications 		http://coimbra.ans.net/dans.html
100 Clearbrook Road                     (914) 789-5378 (voice)
Elmsford, NY 10523                      (914) 789-5310 (fax)