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RE: yikes! drill a hole

Al Powell wrote:
> Also required: 3/4" hole saw.  (YIKES!!  This is why I
held onto that antenna for 15 months before finally
installing it...)

Jimbo added: 
Here is my chance to add a thought which might be helpfull. 
Using a hole saw to drill auto sheet metal is never a clean
deal.  The hole is likely to be rough around the edges. 
True, the antenae base will hide it, but that's like hanging
a picture over a cracked plaster wall.

Go to an industrial supply house.  Here in west michigan, an
outfit called Lamb has both auto supplies and industrial
supplies in the same building.   Ask for a Greenly punch in
the required size.  This is a two piece die cutter thing
that has a smaller bolt going through the middle.  You drill
a small hold on center and thread the bolt through it with
one piece of the die cutter on either side.   Tighten the
bolt with a wrench and the dies come together to make a
clean-as-a- whistle hole,  just like a factory punched hole.
 There is no metal shaving either!

You then take the die apart and discard the clean-as-a-
whistle round of sheet metal you removed. 

I don't know what they cost, I inherited a set with six or
so sizes from my father-in-law, but I wouldn't imagine more
that 10 bucks.  A good investment, if you ever need a clean
hole somewhere else.