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Re: Tires

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philby@ix.netcom.com (Phil Coppin) wrote :

> Its Falken, and I know people on my Supra board that really like the 
> tires. Unfortunately, I have only had recent experience with Goodyear 
> Gatorbacks (OK, just OK!), Goodyear RSA (on the wifes A4q 2.8 and not 
> bad.., and Bridgestone Potenza SO2's (on my Supra Turbo and EXCELLENT).
> If you have a AWD performance car, the Potenza's are much better than 
> the Pirelli's. A recent test of a couple of Porsche Turbo's showed the 
> Pirelli's to be inferior to the Potenza SO2's.

I know someone who's got Falkens on his Alfa 164 and he's very happy with 
them including taking it on the track.

Re. the test you mention : In what way did the Potenzas outperform the