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Audi Sales Info

Q Listers,

Don't know how many of you read the press releases on the AoA www site, but I find these facts interesting:

"Demand for quattro all-wheel drive, an Audi exclusive, remains high with 74 percent of all Audis and 71.3 percent of A4s being so equipped this month." [AoA 6/97 on May 97 sales] [RER comment - should be more folks joining the list!]

"Audi's total 1996 sales were 27,379, up 51.1 percent over
1995 when sales were 18,124." [AoA - 1/97] [RER comment - didn't Audi build a total of 400-500K cars?  This explains why the USA doesn't get the nifty stuff]
"Audi's 1996 sales represent the German automaker's best sales year in the
U.S. since 1987." [AoA - 1/97] [RER comment - we really do drive unique/rare cars don't we...especially folks like myself with more than 2!]

"Audi's A4 sports sedan led 1996 results with sales of 15,288.  
The A6 sedan and wagon also recorded brisk results with 9,908, a 14.9 percent
increase over last year's mark of 8,620." [AoA - 1/97]

"Audi continues to be the fastest-growing luxury passenger car franchise in
the U.S." [AoA - 1/97]

SOURCE  Audi of America, Inc.

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