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Re: Pros and cons of v8 Quattro (200 vs V8)

As current V8 owner and last toy a 5KTQ I can tell you they are very
different.  Love them both. Completely different experiences.  The V8 is
a real highway cruiser and the 5K much sportier, esp the manual trans. 
I still look at the 5ks with interest, but also other V8s. I'd say the
V8 is sporty though more of what we used to call a "sleeper" back in the
muscle car days.  Most people are surprised to see them go as they are
usually kind of non-descript from the outside.

MSV96@aol.com wrote:
...sounding 1 owner V8 for 12.9k (asking
> price) with 99k miles. I gave it a passing thought but still really lust for
> that I5 20v turbo q. I am curious if any V8 owners out there have driven
> both? (Not the 10v 200/5000...) Can you give me an unbiased comparison? 
> Do you find that your "spirited driving" is still fun with the autobox V8?
> Regards,
> Mike Veglia

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