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Tires - Falkens

In message <Marcel-1.08-0703184202-0b0a*qQ@sparkg.wave.co.nz> Greg Spark writes:

> They have been included in at least 2 extensive performance tire
> tests in Australian mags and only been bettered (just) by P Zeros. 
> In this country P Zeros are nearly twice the price. These tests
> included all top tires from Dunlop, Yoko, Pirelli, Michelin and
> Bridgestone.

> > > If you have a AWD performance car, the Potenza's are much better than 
> > > the Pirelli's. A recent test of a couple of Porsche Turbo's showed the 
> > > Pirelli's to be inferior to the Potenza SO2's.

> > Re. the test you mention : In what way did the Potenzas outperform the 
> > Pirellis?

Do you get US-made Pirellis or European-made ones?  There are supposedly large 
(deliberate) differences for the different markets.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club