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Road Warriors....

Well, to relate a quick story, Most VW drivers (especially Golfs) love to do
a bit of inpromtu racing...My friend was in his 90 GTI when he pulled up next
to a Wolfs. Golf.  Well, the guy downshifted and acelerated, so myt friend
took off after him.  Needless to say, the GTI was just playing, and at one
point, he pulled over and slowed a bit to let the golf by.  When it got by,
it swerved in front of him and nailed the brakes.  My friend had to do
emergency manuvers to avoid the tail of the car, and quickly took the next
exit.  It's all fun and games, till someone loses their spleen.  I've had
similar expierences with Jettas that didn't want to lose.  I have since
decided that it is not neccessary to race EVERY hotter than stock looking VW,
but only ones that I see the driver first.  Which narrows my battles severly,
but I haven't had someone following me down my driveway since.  Also,
GTI/Golfs tend not to fair to well in high speed crashes.....

Take care everyone, have a great 4th, and watch for swerving cars....

Carter J