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Re: '93 90csq rear speakers and A/C

About those funky rear speakers:

I don't remember if there was an in-line fuse, but if there is,
obviously check that - when I think of a speaker being "blown", I think
of all the unprotected types that I've during teen-hood who could not
make it through Van Halen's Atomic Punk, sounded like a rattling cage
afterwards.  Being cut out probably means the circuit has been broken. 
I used to be able to get the speakers on my 90csq to work again
temporarily with a flat-handed slap.  

You can bypass the amp easily enough to check the cone and tweeter.  And
if you haven't dismantled the door yet - make life much easier for you
and get the instructions that Eliot Potter graciously provided me -
saved me a ton of time, work, and probably materials since I would've
butchered the door without them.

Since I pulled my speaker from the door and checked the connections and
all (found nothing egregious), I have not had any problems since. 
Long-term, you'll probably want to get a new head unit (if not out of
warranty, get a non-Audi unit) where you will probably have to bypass
the rear speaker amps anyway.  

A/C? Not sure, but I think the A/C climate control mixes ambient air
with cooled air to control temp.  Reason why I think this: If I turn
down to "lo" it never cuts out and freezes you (just like an
Oldsmobile!) but in the "comfort zone" it keeps a steady fan speed but
the air changes temp.  Must be a valve that regulates flow between coils
and vents.


94 90csq
"Scares me how little I know about how my car works"