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Re: Ur-Q rally cars...

>> Interesting stuff ... anybody know where
>> I can find some more photos to study?
>Contact the FIA at http://www.fia.com and try to get the
>orginal homologation papers for the ur-q. If the car , you
>saw on that , picture did compete in any offical FIA
>championships , the mods are in the homologation papers.

The same sort of setup is also on the sport. They dont show any drawings
but they are listed as radius rods.  Retrofitting the rears would be simple
enough, assuming you already have the fabricated lower arms which go with
the adjustable struts that the rally car has. I suspect that the front
would involve much more work, since the rally car & the sport have a
tubular setup for the front support panel (the bit wot the grill mounts
to). I'm sure that if anyone wants to spend enough money, Bruno Kriebeck
would do the work for you. He also has the struts. (so do I but I'm not


John Firkins