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Re: draggy brakes, out, out darned cat!

Mike Arman wrote:
> Draggy brakes after short time running, getting progressively worse - no
> lights, no warning, not a peep from (Dave, the air lock is open) Hal. Stop
> and wait, let everything cool, OK till next 20 minute ride.
> Was bad master cylinder on my 86 5Ks. Didn't make much sense to me, but
> local Audi guru said that was it, so went to Discount Auto parts and spent
> $35 on rebuilt, guaranteed replacement.
> Installed in 20 minutes, bled brakes, problem absolutely solved.
> Theory was old glop (rubber crud) blocking return port, but who cares?
> Problem completely over. (9 months & many miles ago).
> Mike Arman
   As I'm still fighting my 89 200T brake drag, would you mind giving me
the city and phone# for Discount Auto Parts?  Maybe they'll ship me one.
RC Ringlien