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Re: Looking for Audi Coupe Q

Believe it or not, the Audi dealership here in Phoenix has been either
ignorant about or unwilling to provide information about my querry.

I currently own an '82 Coupe GT.  I have been trying to find a quattro
version, in the latest model.  Here is my problem.

I need to know what was the last model year of the coupe which retained
the "square" shape like mine, before they redesigned the body to the more
"rounded" shape as seen in the 80 and 90 models.

So what is the last model year of the coupe with quattro, in the square
body style?  Any help, please let me know at FaceMate@Juno.com.

As well, any good pictorial history books on Audi?  I've been trying to
track one of these down as well.  One that hilights Audi and its models
through the years...

Adam Spiker