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Re: origins of the v8

In a message dated 97-07-06 03:56:09 EDT, you write:

<< >i have car rags going back a long time.  i can find out a lot more
 >stuff if anyone's interested.  i even recall a LJK Setright article
 >in CAR where he's blasting the 928's engine design.. don't recall
 >the details tho...
 He also smelled rotten egg regarding the A8's use of aluminum when it was
 introduced in Europe few years ago. He then praised well of Honda's
 execution in the NSX.
 Strange looking dude I must say... (at least from the picture in the mag)

I only have one thing to say about people like this reporter...If , and only
if, you can make a better design then the one you are critizing,  then you
have a right to complain about it.  However, if you sit on the sidelines and
complain about everything everyone is doing, people tend not to like you or
take your advice.  Do you think that this reporter could really design a
32valve V8 and intigrate it into a complexe car? Could you build an Aluminum
space frame?  Few, very few of us could....

Carter J