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Re: Did Audi ever make a non turbo 200

From: chris

>Was it the box itself,or the differential?I believe most box failures are
>actually diff failures due to lack of oil.It is a bear to check the diff 
>level,so it tends to be ignored...

My friend's auto box failed because he apparently melted some metal bearings 
in the diff.  It wouldn't change gear properly, used to stick in 1st and 
used to make awful noises.  Not being very sympathetic to fine (or maybe in 
this case crap) german machinery, he kept on driving it until one day it 
wouldn't move at all!

In my case, the diff failed at 97k miles.  It was the usual problem of 
failed oil seal allowing mixture of gearbox and diff fluids.  Apparently a 
main bearing had disintegrated and the main shaft was very scarred.

The box failed at 140k miles - a lip on a piston had disintegrated and a 
circlip had fallen off, and I think the brake bands were in a bit of a 
state.  The governor was clogged up and there was another problem with it 
that I can't now remember.

All this has made me promise NEVER to buy another Audi with an auto box.  I 
bought my Auto Avant for GBP1400.  It cost me about GBP1000 to sort out the 
diff, and about GBP500 to sort out the box later.  I have never had a 
problem with a manual gear box.

The car I am always looking for is a 200 Avant Tubo Quattro!