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Re: Ur-q "no start" questions

Glenn Lawton writes:
>  Remember to look carefully at the old one next to the
>  new one, looking especially for a pin that was manually
>  cut at the factory before the panel was installed.

AudiQtroCp@aol.com wrote:
> what will this mean?  or what will it show?

On mine the factory cut a pin before putting the fuse panel
in the car. With that pin in place, the interior fan was
energized all the time, so it ran the battery down.

The important thing is to make the replacement fuse panel
exactly the same as the one you are removing from the car.
So, don't go blindly cutting pins.

OK, now I am holding the panel that came out of my urq
which is a USA 1983 model, built 1/82, VIN 00053.

Looking at the back, there is the VW and Audi logos
and the following Part numbers:
        171 941 813B
        171 941 821B
        811 941 813

I emailed Steve, you, and the qlist the pn of the panel
that I replaced it with, but I don't have it handy. Note
that there may have been a revision change along the way.

Looking at the back, Left to Right, the connectors are:
A       B       C       D       E       F

Looking at connector D, the pins are:
22      21      20      19
18      17              16
15      14      13      12
11      10              9
8       7       6       5
4       >3<     2       1

MY FUSE PANEL (not the wiring harness) NUMBER D-3 !!!!

I don't think you'll need the following info, but here are
all the pins that are MISSING, but only D3 was cut:
A       13, 1
B       all missing
C       14, 4, 3
D       13, 3(cut)
E       14, 6, 4
F       17, 11, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Good Luck, and I hope this solves the problem.