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5kTQ oil light.

Well, I just got back from KC today, and the trip was great.  The drive was
great too in my 5kTQ, except for that fact that I got my first chip on my
newly painted exterior (GRRRRRR) and that my oil light kept coming on.  It
didn't come on all that often, but it seemed that if I got up to cruising
speed about 78 or so, then the light would flash and beep for a few
seconds.  It would stop, then a couple of minutes later, again.  If I
slowed down to about 73 or so then it was fine.  Really weird, it was like
at 74 no prollem, then at 75, prollem.  What is going on here?

James Fawcett
Bitchin' '86 5KTQ