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Re: Questionable behavior?

>But... for me what you got from your gf has nothing to do with
>what you did at all - it seems more like kind of a "game" and not a real
>nice one. You probably would get a similar look and empty bed a few
>street-corners later anyway - just for an other reason.

Well, at the risk of prolonging this unecessarily -- Paula isn't mad at me
anymore -- let me point out that I didn't just walk up to the guy and say,
"So, looks like a total ... want to sell me the salvage?"  What I did was to
walk up to him and say, "That looks like a very nice car, I'm sorry this
happened to you."  He replied, "Yes, it is but since I was thinking of
selling it anyway, I hope my insurance company totals it."  With that kind
of lead-in, you can see why I didn't think it was inappropriate to suggest
selling the salvage to me...

The problem with Paula is that she walked up in the middle of this
conversation and didn't know how it started ... she figured, shark that I
sometimes am (who me?), I had intentionally steered it in that direction and
was negotiating with someone under duress.  She's not a car person and
accidents -- hers or someone elses -- are a traumatic event for her ...
after her last one (not her fault, in someone else's car), it took a while
for her to calm down and putting herself in this guy's shoes, having someone
trying to negotiate with you was the last thing she would have wanted.  On
the other hand, I have more of a racer's attitude toward accidents: You
know, "shit happens" ... as long as no one was hurt, so they don't bother me
at all.

For the record, Paula wasn't playing any games ... she was just expressing
her opinion about something she saw happening.  Now that she's reflected on
the facts of the situation, she understands (and accepts!) my attitude that
I wasn't doing anything wrong and admitted that she jumped to a conclusion
without any evidence ... is it any wonder that I love her?  :^)   

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