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RE: Did Audi ever make a non turbo 200 2

Paul wrote:

	>The Auto box gave up on him after 90k miles (as did mine at 90k
and 140k). 
	>Has anyone ever had a auto box that lasted the life of the car?

Form what I've heard, Audi autoboxes are very durable, _provided_ they
are properly maintained. The factory maintenance booklet says it's not
necessary to change ATF unless you drive the car hard ( looks like Audi
was trying to make some easy money selling rebuild kits ). When I asked
the dealer to change the ATF, they just drained it through the dipstick
tube using their suck-o-matic machine and didn't care to clean the pan
and strainer. The differential oil is another story. Most owners and
non-Audi mechanics think that if the ATF level as shown on the dipstick
is OK then there's nothing else to check. The diffs were filled from
factory with oil that was evaporating quickly,there was a TSB on it.
Many differentials were burned because there was simply no oil. The only
common problem with these gearboxes is the seal on the output shaft
allowing ATF and diff oil to mix, but it is cheap to replace and if it
is noticed and fixed quickly, the tranny is usually bulletproof.