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5000 Brake Problem

I seem to have a problem with the hydraulic boost of the brake system on an
88 5000Q.  The pedal becomes soft after two applications.  Each succesive
push of the pedal results in a softer pedal.  Releasing the pedal and then
reapplying the brakes seems to "reset" the boost.  

I suspect the pressure accumulator has failed or is severely weak.  However,
after searching the list I can't rule out the possiblity of a bad hydraulic
servo.  I understand that checking the servo is a simple matter of
disconnecting the return line and seeing if fluid drips (good) or flows
out(bad), but the car is 200 miles away at the momment.

Is there a simple test that I can relay to a "non-mechanical driver" to help
me determine where the problem lays?

I hope to order the offending part(s) this week and make the repair this
weekend, as I will be traveling the following two weeks.


Dave Wilson

88 5000S
97 A4Q