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Re: Buying tips for '86-'87 5000 CSTQ?

Buying tips ....... huh ?

Great car ... many little things to look out for ...check the archives on
Dan's page we have all written many pages on the the 5KCSTQ........

1. Stock boost is 1.3 which means 1.0 is 1 atmosphere which means .3 is the
actual boost......the guage on the car is relative to 0 which translates into
1.3 - 1.0 = .3 of boost. Which is good.

2. Check all hoses radiator, cooling, turbo, crankcase ventilation, crankcase
hoses can cause poor performance if they let air go places where it
shouldn't...the CIS system no like....... so check all the mushy hoses
......check the radiator because it gets brittle at the spickets with age and
the upper rad hose can leak if the hose has been over tightened...... 

3. check the aux. water pump which cools the car as part of the after run
feature this helps keep the turbo in good shape by cooling it after the
engine is shut down...

4. check bushings for both rear and front suspensions there are many
rubberized busshings on this car which require scrutiny......the car also
needs to be in good alignment so check tire wear ..... if tire wear looks
funny then beware because if some rear components are worn then the alignment
is off and to get it back you need to replace some rear components...

5. check driveshafts and the center carrier bearing they should look good has
the center driveshaft u-joint been lubed regularly ?

6. all switches, heater blower motor climate control check the A/C programmer
for proper functionality make sure the compressor is healthy for the a/c

7, hydraulic system check pump and check for leaks no leaks is very
good...many of these cars like dripping pentosin how about the bomb.....with
engine running step on the brake pedal firmly 20 times do any red lights come
on the cluster ?

8. check the records...timing belt been done.......how about the steering
rack ?

9. sun roof should move without binding......

let me know if you want more ..... just a quick list ..... remeber check the
archives we have many good e-mails on the 5KCSTQ series in there ....

90 90
Rob Carselle - Columbus, OH