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Looking for Audi Coupe Q -Reply

>>> Phil Payne <quk@sievers.com> - 7/5/97 1:38 AM >>>

>  > I need to know what was the last model year of the coupe which
> the "square" shape like mine, before they redesigned the body to
the more
> "rounded" shape as seen in the 80 and 90 models.

Do you mean the Coupe GT with the quattro option (rare as hen's
teeth) or the  ur-quattro?
  If the latter, the last year of production was 1991 but the last
official  imports to the USA were in 1985.  If you've got $60,000,
there are still at  least two new ones in stock at UK dealers.
Sometimes I think we get just a little too serious here.  Me thinks
the poor chap is about to learn a little more about the history of
his CGT and Quattro (ur or otherwise).  Probably gave the poor guy a
heart attack with the 60k$ figure too.  
Now if we could merely explain to him that the CGT came from the urQ,
and that they are around but somewhat difficult to maintain we would
probably ease his tensions a bit....
Then we can tell him the 60k$ figure will probably account for his
new urQ maintenance costs for the year ;-)

86 VW Qtm Syn
96 VW Pst GLX borrowed for the moment