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RE: thermoswitch 3-connector type

I had raised the issue about this type of switch possibly causing AC
problems. Others have responded to say they had been using the 3-terminal
switch for some time with no difficulties. However, my Audi mechanic stated
he has found that a large percentage of (the dozen or so) 3-terminal
switches he has installed have needed to be replaced because AC was erratic
or non-functional. He gave me a new 4-terminal switch which he believes is
still an available part from Audi (he's an independent, and if the parts
situation has changed in recent months, he might not be aware). I can't say
if the new switch cured my problem 'cause the AC decided to work fairly
consistently during the couple of weeks *before* I installed the new
switch. The temp gauge may be reading a notch higher now, though.

Soooo, the problem may not be inherent in the 3-terminal design, but rather
may just be a bad production lot of 3-terminal switches. Your switch might
be OK. BTW, the original (4-) connector fits both style switches.


>  My thermoswitch came in today and its a 3 connector type, well
>I have a 4 connector type in there now. I recall someone on the list
>having this same problem, do I have to do some sort of mod or order
>a new wire harness for the switch? or did I get the wrong part and the
>4 connector types are still in production?

        Phil Rose
                        E-mail: pjrose@servtech.com
        Judy Rose