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Re: Audi 200T hard starting

At 09:45 AM 7/7/97 -0400, John Zacharek wrote:
>I've owned various Audi's for the past five years, and have loved all
>of them.  Recently, I picked up a '90 200 turbo.  This is the first
>turbo I've had.  Before I bought it, I checked with the dealer who
>serviced the car (I bought it from a private owner) and they said it
>was a great car, but the only complaint the owner kept having was
>that it is hard to start.  
>It takes a good 5-8 turns of the motor, at least, before it fires. 
>The dealer assured me this is common on the turbos.  My 5000S always
>cranks right up on the 2nd turn at most, so I find it hard to believe
>that the turbo can do this.  Once the car fires, it runs great.  (All
>tune up stuff has been done, i.e. platinum plugs, fuel filter, air
>cleaner, etc.)
>Does anyone have any similar problems, or ideas to remedy this?
>Also, because this is the first turbo I've had, I'm not sure what is
>normal for boost pressure.  The gauge indicates that the most boost I
>get is about 1.3, and this is at about 5000 r.p.m.    The gauge goes
>up to 2.0 according to the book, so is there a leak, and if so, where
>would it be?
>John Z.
>'90 200T
>'87 4000S
>'86 5000S 
>Leaky injectors caused similar sxs on my 200. Audi 
mechanic replaced under emissions warranty (Calif}.