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Re: fuel cut-off...

In a message dated 97-07-01 16:44:51 EDT, QSHIPQ writes:

<<  Sean, do post up on what solves your post 4krpm malady.  Like the
machine.   >>

   Well, some deep thought on Sunday night after the event brought me back
out to the car at ten O clock.  Freshly showered, comfy t-shirt and my
favorite boxers, damn I wasn't gonna let this thing get the best of me.  I
couldn't figure it out, until BINGO,HELLO, DUH...   There was an alarm
installed in the car which featured an ignition cut-out.  It consisted of a
relay inline with the main ignition wire at the ignition switch.  The relay
was wired in with high quality connectors and all, but that didn't stop the
extra resistance.  When I poked my way under this and over that to find the
connection, I gladly found a couple of charred connectors.  Ironic to say
that I was glad, but sometimes you just get a warm fuzzy feeling when you
know you've found the culprit.  The next morning I removed the relay and
soldered the main wire back to original.  So far so good.  Going strong a
week later.  Thanks to Qship, he was the only one to ever suggest looking
towards the ignition switch.

Aahhhh,   no leaks, no ignition cut-outs, what a beautiful world.   I wonder
what's next...   knock on wood of course.   ;-)

Happy motoring once again,