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cc: re: blower motor interchangability...

On Monday, July 07, 1997  3:48 PM, MYKE456 @ UNIX {Myke456@aol.com} wrote:
>Date: 7-Jul-97 15:48:28 -0400
>From: MYKE456 @ UNIX {Myke456@aol.com}
>To: QUATTRO @ UNIX {quattro@coimbra.ans.net}
>Subject: blower motor interchangability...
>  To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>  From: Myke456@aol.com
>I'm anticipating the failure of my climate control blower motor-87 5kcstq.
>Anyone know the year span that the same motor was used? Any difference in NOT
>(non turbo) or NOQ (non quat.) models?
>  ([____]=====OOOO=====[____])   87 5kcsTQ, 204k miles
> []]]]]]]][Mike Aiello][[[[[[[]     original owner
>       Dutchess County, NY

I replaced the brushes in the blower motor more than one year ago with a 
set from a Chevy alternator. I had to grind them down a little bit to 
make them fit. Still blowing strong...

Jens Oxlund
5kcstq 86'