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RE: Street driving on BFG R1's

I was under the impression Bridgehampton was closing. Enjoy it before it
does, it's a beautiful site.

One of the jockeys at work has a _nice_ WMB E36 (M3 motor punched to
3.3liter, 355 supercharged horsepower, Gruppe N suspended) 318is <wink,
wink> rocket that he drives at BMWCCA track events. He usually shows up
at work on Monday with the R1s still on it <not to mention the big
effing grin>. The tracks he drives (Lime Rock, NHIS, the Glen,
Bridgehampton) are anywhere from 60 to 200 miles (guessing here, folks)
from the office, which is just outside Boston. OTOH, he *does* have a
zero impedance checkbook when the car is concerned, and I'm not sure how
many sets he goes thru every year, although I think not many. I imagine
the track R1s will stand that kind of use, but the autocross R1s would
probably not survive a ride to the corner Dunkin' Donuts. HTH.
-Ian Duff.
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	     Do any of you regular track or autocross drivers drive to
events on 
	     your race tires, and if so, how far?  I'm attending an
event at 
	     Bridgehampton (which I understand has an entirely sand pit
area) and 
	     it would be easier to change tires the night before where
I'm staying. 
	     How far is reasonable to drive on BFG's?
	     Jack Rich