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Monterey Historics anyone?

I posted a note on this some time back, but since it is getting close to 
the date for qualifying for a corral I thought I'd post a second notice 
in case others were interested.

> From steveb Thu May  1 13:48:35 1997
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Laguna Seca Historical Races
> I got a notice on the Monterey Historical Races the other day.  Some of 
> you may recall that I tried [unsuccessfully] to drum up enough interest 
> to warrant an Audi corral last year.  I figured give it one more shot 
> for this year.  The event is scheduled for Aug 15-17 and Carroll Shelby
> and the Cobra are featured.  If we can get 35 people to purchase tickets 
> in advance for a day we can get a corral that day (that is we need 35 
> tickets on Saturday and 35 tickets on Sunday to have a corral both days.
> It does not look like we can get a discount on the advance purchase this 
> year ... One day tickets are $30, and a two day pass is $50.  
> The BMW folks really do get into this event, I'd like to see that we can 
> do the same for Audis!  I don't need a committment today, but I would like 
> to hear back from anyone who is interested in attending.  If it looks like 
> we can have a corral on one or both days we can do more detailed planning.  
> If anyone wants more information, I can fax or mail the 2-sheets I got to 
> you on request.  I haven't checked the web-site lately, but I'll bet you 
> can get the same information from www.laguna-seca.com. 
... from the response to date it is not clear that we will have sufficient 
numbers to justify a corral, but we could arrange a convoy down and try to 
park in the same area.  To the nine people that have already responded to 
the prior message, it is not necessary to reply again ... unless you have 
some thoughts on logistics or meeting location.  Please reply via private 
e-mail.  Thanks!

San Jose, CA (USA)