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Re: Where's that J-yard-Central/Upstate NY

We are not a liscensed dismantler so cannot sell major component parts unless
we install them. We currently have for parts;

1) 89-91 A200 TQ Complete Burn-major components, maybe
2) 88/89 Audi 80 one std/one A/T no, not quattros
1) 85 Audi 5000, largely stripped
1) 87 Audi 4000 no windshield, front bumper or hood

New Hood for V8   and we are a good source for the common new
parts/service/sales of late model VW/Audi automobiles

Check out our website @ http://www.selecttr.com
Joel Osserman, proprietor
Select Transportation-#4 buyer VW/Audi off-lease USA-1993