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Re: Need a wastegate

> > I need a wastegate for my '86 5000 CS Turbo.  Anyone out there in Qlist 

> > land with one?

> What's wrong with it?

> Orin.

> Dunno.  Mechanic (who I trust) says the diaphragm (sp?) is bad.  Are 
> these rebuildable?

> Symptoms on the car:  At first, had boost like crazy.  The car was really 
> flying (1.5-6 bar)  Then, when accalerating, the car would stumble badly 
> (but never die).  Not a good thing when trying to merge on the Washington 
> area's "Ring of Death" (beltway).

Good mechanic.  Definitely symptoms of a blown diaphragm.  I have replacement
diaphragms, but they are thicker and stiffer than stock and may still
cause your car to hit the fuel pump cutoff.  Install a QLCC chip and you
would be OK.  My local junkyard wants $100 for a wastegate and they
have an 86 turbo at the moment.  They also had about 3 early 80s
wastegates today while I was looking for the elusive Nippondenso
AC compressor that they were sure they had (finally found on an 88 - it'll
be $75 tomorrow when I pick it up).