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V8 thread

Whew! this 200 v. V8 thread just wouldn't die...

Anyway, just an update on my current set-up for
suspension. I know I've whined before about the
H&Rs and Koni Sport on my V8 but after 7 months
of hard driving - they've soften up a lot now. I do
recommend this set-up now, it's just a matter of
letting letting the springs and shocks settle down.

My question again: For a '90 V8, is there a way to
disable the power steering? Sort of unhooking a
connector for spirited driving and then hooking it up
again for boulevard cruising?

'90 V8q (too much steering assist )
'94 C280 (a lot of understeer)
'88 MX6 (just right, but not an Audi)