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Re: quattro-digest V4 #907

So many responses!  Thank you very much for all of you giving me your

Everyone seems to love this ur-Q as much as I do, however everyone seems
to warn me about the maintenance costs.  What the heck do I tell my dad
when he calls me up, finds out my car is in the shop again and asks me: 
"If it's such a damned good car, and you say it's engineered so well; why
is it being fixed all of the time!!!"  He is an engineer for Hewlett
Packard and understands very well the principle of "designing-in"
quality, not "inspecting it in".  So what would you tell me and anyone

......cause I really want to get one but don't want to have to defend my
choice of vehicles.

Granted, I have spent probably $ 3-4K on my '82 coupe (2WD) in the last
year and a half, but everything I've replaced has been original.

If I were to get this ur-Q and spend the same amount, on things that keep
going wrong; I am afraid that I might too feel I made a poor decision.

The passion is there, but am looking for confirmation of the logic!

Adam Spiker