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Re: AC & Outside Temp sensors

Hairy green toads from Mars made William J Murin say:

> I had a really wierd experience this morning.  Hope someone can help.
> The outside air temp indicator was reading its usual 10 degrees (F) off on
> a 100 mile drive this morning.  For no apparent reason the thing all of a
> suden went to -47 degrees and seriously hot air began puring into the
> interior of the car.  
> turned it all off, stopped for a cup of coffee, got back in the car and
> the outside temp indicator was reading -50 (it does not get that cold in
> wisconsin in the Summer).
> About another 10 miles down the road I checked the reading again and it
> jumped to -13, then 40 something then settled in on about 56 degrres.
> with that the AC cycled on and has worked fine since.
> What is the relationship between the outside air temp reading on my dash
> and whether or not the climate control system outs hot hot or cold air?

This happened to my '89 100Q twice over the last two years or so.
It seems like one of the sensors suddenly decides to read at the
bottom of it's scale (mine was -45). A few minutes later, all is fine.

The problem hasn't repeated itself or gotten worse, so ....

The heat is because the car thinks it is bitchin' cold outside, so it
wants to keep you toasty warm at 75 degrees or whatever you set the
climate control to.

I suspect it's just a temp sensor going flaky, not much $$ to fix.


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