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Stupid(?) Questions, 1990 CQ

Good day-

A few questions from a newcomer about 1990 CQ.  Please excuse if they're 
covered in the archives -- I haven't had luck accessing :-(

*Question 1:  Brake pedal and steering wheel were flaky, with *brake* light 
whenever I jammed the pedal quickly.  I installed a used *bomb* from a 60K 
CQ wreck.  The pedal & wheel feel improved some, but now I get the light for 
20 seconds or so at cold start or when I pump the brake 3 or 4 times. 
 Hydraulic fluid stays up, and I can't see any drips.  Seems to me the 
replaced *bomb* was better, but not perfect.  Any opinions?

*Question 2:  Voltage gauge in center console:  95% of time it's pinned at 
top (16V+).  I checked voltage at the plug:  12 to 14V (normal w/14V 
regulator).  My question:  can I fix this somehow, or just replace?

*Question 3:  Temp gauge:  I replaced the 4-pin 'multifuntion switch' from a 
wreck w/good luck.  However, now I can look away for a second, then return 
to see it dead.  Then, I can often watch it rise again, only to fall a 
little later.  Does this sound like ground to anyone, or just need to cough 
up the $$ for a NEW sender?

*Question 4:  Car stalls when I start it;  worse when hot, but sometimes 
when cold.  If I catch it with the accelerator it stays running.  Stalls (or 
NEARLY stalls, now that I increased the idle speed) when at high rpm then 
throw in clutch.

When hot, I disconnected the ISV (which seems to hum sometimes, but not all 
time BTW) and can't start the engine.  Re-connect the ISV and disconnect the 
Throttle-Closed Limit Switch ([?] green 2-terminal plug above the throttle 
body--seems functional w/ohmmeter test), and although I need to use the 
accelerator to start the car, I couldn't get it to stall from high-rev to 
low.  However, the engine speed then seems to drop very slowly when I let of 
on the gas.

The real question here (while I haven't yet checked the limit switch's 
resistance) is:  should I try to clean the Idle Speed Stabilizer Valve or 
Mass Flow Sensor (and what's the best method), or does anybody have (or HAD) 
this problem w/A80 or A90 type vehicles, and what did you try?

Welcoming all comments!

1990 CQ 120K
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