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Re: Exhaust for Coupe


> I took a look, and the pipe that follows from the Cat to the muffler has 
> broken about four inches or so from the joint to the muffler 
> itself...(kep in mind that i know nothing about exhausts and that i may 
> look like a fool talking about this).  It is obviously due to rust, and 
> that entire pipe is a goner.


> This is my thing, right now, i am broke, and i do mean broke....so, i can 
> either tolerate the noise, which isnt too bad really,

Mine sets off all of the car alarms in the parking lot at work.  Been
pulled over three times for that damn pipe in the last four years.  The
part itself is available for twenty something to forty something dollars
plus the gasket at the cat end.  However, if your really are broke, you can
do a decent patch for less than $10.

Get some Permatex wide exhaust patch at K-Mart ($2.49), some 6" aluminum
flashing at a hardware or building materials store (<$5.00), and two GM
style exhaust clamps ($2.00) at any auto parts store.  My car uses 2" clamps.
The '85 might be a tad bigger.  Clean the pipe off and remove the backing
from the exhaust patch tape.  Wrap the tape around the break firmly.  Cut
a length of flashing eight or ten inches long and wrap that around the
break also.  Put the exhaust clamps at either end of the flashing and tighten.
Make sure that the flashing has no kinks in it, these will leak.  This will
hold for a couple of months.

The new piece can be easily installed with standard tools.  Use a hacksaw
to remove the old nuts and bolts and replace them with new ones.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe