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Re: echappement ?

I don't recall seeing an answer to this...
> hello,
> i am looking for an exhaust pipe ( ? ichappement in french)
> for a 84 URQ, from witch manufacturer, a manufacturer who is accessible
> from belgium if possible...
> it's a very nice english no ?

Bienvenue Fabrice!  Don't worry about your English, I'll butcher my 

Pour les echappments, je croix qu'il y a beaucoup des choix dans l'Europe.
Auxs Etats-Unis, nous avons seulement les echappments Remus, Scorpion, etc.
Peut-etre cette page te pourrez aider:


[in bad french, I told him there are lots of choices in Europe
but we only have Remus and Scorpion over here, and pointed him
to Phil's list of UK parts places...]

| Dan |