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Re: Windsheild "Audi Quattro" decals Like the BTCC

> From: Mike Burke <t75msb1@ov.rossnutrition.com>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Windsheild "Audi  Quattro" decals Like the BTCC
> Date: 9. heinäkuuta 1997 10:36
> Hi guys! Does anyone Know where I can get  one of those yellow window
> decals that Audi has on their cars in the British Touring car series?
> The rally car is crying for one!. Now that we are allowed to     put
> decals on the windsheild I think this would be cool. I hope some    of
> the Q-listners can Make it out to the Sunriser 400 Rally in        
> Chillicothe, Ohio on August 2nd. I hope to see some of you
> then!!                                               Mike
> Burke..Rennsport Burke                                            
> Columbus Ohio, 86' 4000q                                         rally
> car, 89' 80 quattro


We had our demo A4 1.8TQ decaled lice the BTCC/DSTW A4's, complete with
rings, rear deck panel and windshields, with some other Audi quattro text
on botttom of doors.  Car looked like it just pulled off the race track,
ie. not for the subdued crowd.  We had a local tape shop scan the Audi
quattro text and "voila"! 

He produced the letters as  separate black pieces and placed the on top of
the big yellow slab of tape he had applied on the top of the windshield.

There is probably a font for the text, but it was not necessary to have in
this case.

Jouko Haapanen
Automarkku Oy Audi-VW
Pori, Finland