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free parts for early 5000

While cleaning out some things in the garage last weekend, I came across
two items which might be of use to someone out there.  They are both for
an early 5000 (78-83).

1.  Fuel Pump Relay-does not have audi part # on it, as it is
aftermarket.  Mfd. by Schier Electronic, says 12V, 5Zyl. pt #24.2700.10 
Made in Germany.  It has the small blades for terminal 30 and 87, unlike
the later ones which had wide terminals due to heat problems.

2.  Radiator fan thermoswitch-2 terminal is marked 92'-87'degrees, mfd.
by Behr-Thomson, gray color on terminal, box has 2 part #'s  823 959
481L and 812323000.

Both items are brand new and free.  Please e-mail if you want them. 
Don't even worry about the shipping, it should be negligible.

Jeremy Walters
SanRamon, CA