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RE: LOW mile CQ 20v for sale

I bought my one owner CQ from Robert Lawlor at Lewis Motors a year and a
half ago. He's a great guy, very helpful, no sales slime action. The
dealership could use some lessons on pricing, don't be afraid to play
hardball on price, I should have and didn't. Don't expect too much from
their service department, nice folks, no damage done, but took a *while*
for a simple repair (3 visits for clutch master and slave cylinders).
They delivered my CQ in _immaculate_ condition, obviously cared about
it. HTH.
-Ian Duff.
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	"usual disclaimers apply..."

	I know of a one owner 1991 Coupe quattro 20v with 33K miles,
	kept, Pearl w/black leather int., two sets of wheels, all
options ('91
	glass sunroof...) and in VERY pampered condition that is for
sale. Owner
	wants $13,9 and is upgrading to an A4 30v.  

	"What, listers help out a dealer...? Not.

	Contact: Robert Lawlor, Lewis Motors, Burlington, VT (802)

	Just FYI for anyone who is dying for that LOW mile Coupe quattro