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Skid plate removal on '93 90S

     Does anyone know if it there is any ill effects to leaving the 
     skidplate off my car?
     The reason I ask, is that the local quick oil-change places won't do 
     my car because it's "extra" work for them and the dealer quoted me $50 
     for an oil change. I figure that if I just leave it off then I don't 
     have to worry about it and I can take anywhere to have the oil 
     changed. I have heard that people have actually cut holes in it, to 
     have easy access to the oil drain and filter, but I really don't want 
     to do that. I suppose I could remove it, then take it to have the oil 
     changed, but if I'm going to do that, I might as well do it myself. 
     So, is there a reason that I shouldn't remove it and just leave it 
     BTW, I did try and change the oil myself this past weekend, but I 
     couldn't get the oil drain plug out for the life of me. I stopped 
     short of stripping the bolt. Any suggestions on getting it off?
     While I'm at it. I still haven't gotten my cruise controll fixed. It 
     will work for a while then disengage. I have checked the vacume lines 
     and they seem fine, nothing out of the ordinary. I believe that my 
     next two options are: replacing the switch or replace the controller. 
     The switch would require me to remove the steering wheel, anybody know 
     how to safely remove the airbag, or is this something I should let the 
     dealer do? The controller should be easy to replace. Is there a way I 
     can test this to see if it is in fact the cause of my problem so I 
     don't waste my time/money?
     Any help would be great.
     Matt Daniels
     mdaniels@xmission.com (home)
     mdaniels@dsw.com (work)