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Problems with newly purchased V8 Quattro 90'

Hello Audi enthusiasts,

Just purchased a used Audi V8 Quattro 1990 model with 88Kmiles, 
unfortunately, an automatic.
Got interested in the car as soon I first saw it -- great, classy european 
looking sedan.  The MOMO wheels with the 225/60/16 michelins defintely
give this car a much m9ore sportier look.
I am slightly biased, I am still driving my '86 Nissan Maxima 5spd 
with 215K+ .  Granted, this may not be a fair comparison , but
I thought that 165hp vs 240hp, even with the significant
weight differences, would make the performance more or else equal.  

After driving it more *after* the big pruchase I discovered the a couple of
problems.  Since, I am in the "den" of Audi enthusiasts, and many V8 
owners, I 'd like to ask if anyone has see/experienced the following
symptoms and what it could be.  I just took the car to the dealer
Sonnen Audi in San Rafael, don't know of any Audi mechanic (independents)
who are experienced wtih V8.  Just found out that transmission dpstick does
not come with the car!!??  That is ridiculos! Explained by an Audi dealer's
rep as "We don't want anyone to screw around with our transmissions who 
doesn't know what to do."  BTW, the initial estimate, just to look and
explore the problems below was $350 !  

Anyway here it is:

1) Definite "surging" between 2000 and 3000 rpm, there is no aother 
   way to explain it.  When I press on the gas pedal, the acceleration is 
   eratic, jerky.  Also, at highway speeds, holding the the gas pedal
   in one position, keeping the same speed, the car seems to surge , forward,
   backward. Again, I dont move the pedal, but it feels like I do.

2) Excessive gas usage, 14mpg 70%highway/30% cityh, little or no AC. Is this
   too much or within norm?

3) Front brakes, just replaced with new pads, overheat immediately (with
   smell, etc) after a little of city manuevering.  Never had this problem
   on other cars I drove. As the result, the breaking becomes very hard
   and quite dangerous, especially if I do go to the mountenous areas of 

4) AM station has strong interferrence WHEN THE ENGINE IS ON!	

5) Burnt engine oil smell, no visible leak , nothing on the ground either,
   probably behind the engine block.

Thank you all for listening. ;^)  And if anyone has anything to add to this
you're wellcome!

Sergei Lubich


Nashe Frisco ochen' blizko -- ot Kitaia.